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4 Digital Tools that Can Save Lawyers Time and Increase Productivity

As today’s world upsurges its dependence on technology to do just about everything, lawyers are also expected to use the technology and produce faster than ever. For lawyers, it is all about finding accurate digital tools to simplify tasks in the office, at home, and during the travel. Below are some of the digital tools that can increase productivity in our tech-savvy era.


Evernote has been existent for several years, but seriously, this note keeping application is getting better by each passing day. Their combination with other apps is crucial, and everything the users create, capture and keep is available from all their devices. One can create a project to do list, writing reminders, snap pictures, and then easily share what one has captured.

One of the most appreciated Evernote products is its scannable app, which uses one’s device’s camera to capture something on the paper and turn it into a high quality, sharable scan. And, contrasting with most of the scanning apps for mobile devices, scannable is for free.


One can store and share the files easily and securely with the flexible storage plans. One can create team folders with the admin controls to manage the department, project work or case and also easily recover the deleted files and restore previous file versions, handy for the ongoing cases. Other useful and important features also include remote wipe, password controls, admin dashboards to view the team activity and the list goes on. Dropbox for the business has been really developed with the collaboration and productivity in mind.


So much of documentation means so much of writing, and here comes the scope for the happening of mistakes. Inclusive of checking for spelling mistakes it also allows checking for grammatical mistakes. And when it is about legal documents it is very important to get it correct without any kind of errors. Proofreading for the typos and grammatical errors takes a lot of time, and if any of them are missed it will create a bad impression on clients.

Grammarly makes sure everything that is typed is clear, effective, without mistakes by offering accurate, context-specific suggestions to make the work look great. It really does save time, and make the work look good.


ActiveWords turns words into guidelines on the user’s computers. In the Microsoft Word, for example, a listed “active word” can populate the formatted text into a new document. ActiveWords can open folders and files, webpages, and applications, and take on just about any other task an individual may require to do on the computer.

These are the four digital tools which can make the lawyers work easily without any hurdles. Start using these digital tools and make your work more productive than ever!

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