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5 Best Apps in India All Lawyers Must have

Imagining a day without our smartphones is almost an impossible task for most of us these days. Right from finding a taxi to getting to work to ordering food online for home delivery, there is an application for everything. In the present times, we have come to a point where we need our smartphones continuously for random purposes throughout the day. It has become such an integral part of our lives that a minute away from it makes us feel like a caveman stuck in a room full of unknown people and we are clueless of what to do in real time. The reason for such a situation is the introduction of applications in android mobiles that could single-handedly play the role of multiple devices at the same time.

Android Applications or simply Apps are used not only for commercial purposes but also for professional needs. The legal profession is no exception to this utter need for apps in our daily lives. So here is a list of the 5 most important apps that a lawyer in India would need at a daily basis:

  1. Indian Laws App:

One of the basic and most important traits of a lawyer is to know the law. With India’s numerous laws and statutes in place, it is a highly impossible task to remember all the sections of law when required.  The app allows the user to quickly search the details of a specific section of any particular act by simply entering the section number. The app contains all Criminal Laws, Evidence Act Laws and CrPC Laws.

  1. Libra- The Advocate’s App:

Libra app is one of the primary apps any lawyer must have. The main USP’s of Libra is, sending case hearing notifications every day, giving complete access to millions of judgements with headnotes and shot notes, helping manage clients efficiently, providing legal news updates for any lawyer to know what is trending in the legal world, sending daily orders and case details, sync’s google calendar and i cal so one can easily access appointments and schedule from the app and lets the user follow other cases of their interest. Therefore, Libra is a complete comprehensive app for lawyers.

  1. MySteno: Virtual Stenographer

This is a web application that lets lawyers voice type their legal documents. As a virtual stenographer, MySteno is simple to use and makes drafts in minutes. The user just has to sign-in and talk by clicking the microphone button on the screen. The special feature of the app is that it is inbuilt with legal abbreviations and maxims which makes it easy for any legal professional to use it efficiently. The app also lets the user convert the created document to word or Pdf and share with colleagues.

  1. Lawyers Club India:

This app is like the Facebook of the legal world. The app acts as a platform for the public to post queries and get legal expert opinions. It is one of the most sought apps in the play store. It proves useful for both the general public as well as the litigation lawyers in being updated with the latest legal news and gives access to legal articles on contemporary issues.

  1. Online RTI:

Filing a petition is a tedious process that every lawyer has to do at least once in their profession. This app makes the filing process much more convenient for the lawyers as all the procedures are done online. The app also contains an online payment portal that provides for the users to even make the payment for filing the RTI in a hassle-free manner. As per the app description, once the details are entered in the app, it is directed to a group of lawyers who scrutinize it and draft it according to RTI norms. This draft is then sent back to the user for approval, which is followed by the rest of the procedure. One of the best advantages of the app is that it allows the user to track the status of the application through the Android devices itself.


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