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Social Media and its Influence on Lawyers

In today’s media fixated world, every individual owns at least one social media account. Social networking these days has become an easy route for a lot of activities such as reading news, chatting with friends, online shopping, etc. It has become one of the major sources of advertising for various different businesses.

The biggest advantage of social media is that anyone with internet access can have a social networking website and create portals for interaction among common minds.

Social Media & Lawyers

It has not been long since the legal profession stepped into the world infested by social media. Although one might be of the notion that it is the young lawyers who are being highly active on social media, surveys show that middle-aged lawyers with less technology interest are more actively indulged in social networking as well. This shows the great impact that social networking has created on legal minds who are usually sophisticated professionals.

Social media also offers lawyers and legal professions a plethora of opportunities to network and connect with like-minded people. It gives them a great edge to gain clients and other necessary contacts for their day-to-day business. The existence of social media is a floor for growth provided for the advocates, as the ultimate aim of the lawyers is to gain clients and the get them justice.

Effects of Social Media on Lawyers

The birth of the internet has effectively changed the course of many professions without a doubt. The legal field also stands greatly benefited by its impact. With multiple Facebook and Whatsapp groups dedicated to lawyers, networking has never been easy as in this age of internet and social media. So, let us see some of the positive effects social media has had on modern-day lawyers.

  • Social media has provided an excellent platform for Advocates to reach their clients within minutes
  • It also feeds them with legal news, legal updates, latest trends in the industry and much more
  • It has equally benefitted the public by putting them directly in touch with legal advisors
  • Finding information and case hearings has been made easy, as information is now available in a click of a button. Legal companies have invented applications that help make lawyers lives simple
  • Legal drafts that take a very long time to complete has now been made to complete in minutes with the help of voice-to-text applications
  • Lawyers who in the past carry huge books for referencing, now just need a mobile phone or a laptop to get their research done
  • Case management tools help them efficiently handle and manage clients and have a greater conversion rate
  • Technology has helped lawyers save tons of time

With such deep impact, social media has managed to stir both the professional and the personal lives of lawyers and other legal professionals. Besides, the number of lawyers being impacted by the positive effects of social media are steadily on the rise. Firms are recognising the need to be up-to-date and also meet the demands of their clients and hence are slowly turning towards technology for solutions.


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