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Supreme Court Bar Association Partners with Libra-The Advocate’s App

In the last few years, we have seen technology radically changing several dimensions of everyday lives. GoogleMaps and Virtual Assistants like Siri and Alexa have made travelling, information sharing and data access very convenient. Government platforms are moving to e-complaint mechanisms for faster resolution. Digital India and several rural electrification Schemes are aimed at ensuring access to the internet in the most remote areas. We can now virtually order everything online. However, this one-touch access had so far evaded the legal industry. The process to access Supreme Court and High Court case listings and judgement was rather cumbersome and required logging in on their distinct websites.

In a milestone move, Supreme Court in partnership with Libra’s efficient case-management technology is switching over an easily accessible digital library. Advocates, clients, litigants and just about any stakeholder can avail of this service. SCBA’s 13,500 members have been introduced to Libra’s multi-featured case management tool. 

Tracking and Follow-up has never been this easy and organised

Libra makes tracking of matters allotted to a lawyer on their name easier by collating data on listing across various courts, giving lawyer access to cases on their mobile phone, all at one place, making internal coordination and following up with clients easier.

A trend observed across all segments of the society – whether rich or poor, literate or illiterate, clients are generally unaware of the progress in their case. They may not be updated with regular progress in their case. Lawyers may also shy away from accepting an adjournment due to their absence or failure to produce documents on time. It is extremely important to keep the client in the loop. While there exist several case management applications, Libra is one such technology that keeps clients and lawyers on the same interactive platform (much like a chat thread on WhatsApp) where both clients and lawyers receive routine updates on the progress of the case.

Efficiency in coordination across offices and accurate billing

While most law-firms bill their client on the number of hours worked, there is a lack of transparency or any authenticity trail for the client to verify the billed hours with the actual hours. The problem is further intensified when work is shared across different teams, offices and geographical locations. Keeping a handy tool, like Libra could do wonders by accurately mapping the working hours on a project and keeping them tabulated on a seamless platform for both clients and lawyers. Integrating the billing with the client’s information – their phone numbers, email addresses and other contact information, greater efficiency and time-saving can be ensured.

Accessing everything, everywhere

Since the practice of law is complex, involving legal assistants, stenographers, typists, barristers, solicitors, researchers and advocates, coordination between different intermediaries may be a task in itself. Law offices work almost the entire day, it may not always be possible to trace information in possession of someone else in the office. Keeping a case management application like Libra transfers the content to a cloud or a centrally accessible database, making information retrieval faster. Libra supports both Web and Mobile phone versions, making it easier to access the information you need wherever you are.

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