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How Has Technology Influenced Legal Research?

Technology being the game changer of the 21st century has forged into various sectors. The legal sector is no exception. This topic has been much debated on various forums that the legal industry is having an unprecedented growth and improvement because of technological advancements. Besides, one of the major important growing areas the legal industry is seeing is definitely legal research. Legal research is one of the most time-consuming aspects of a lawyer’s life.  So, let’s find out in what ways technology has made it simple.

Data management

Data management and data analytics is the toughest job that a traditional legal researcher faces. The legal industry in its entirety has a lot of data to be processed and analysed so the raw data can be converted and made into a meaningful piece of document. But up until computers were invented and became popular, the legal industry was managing those data in a traditional way. It has been 10 to 20 years since computers were integrated as part of the legal research, yet there is an ample amount of room for improvement and rapidification for the data processing and analysis.

Work from Anywhere Culture

The next big thing that the legal research industry is facing is an added advantage to the existing framework. This is the work from anywhere culture. With data analytics and data management improving day by day and data being stored in the cloud, it is now an easy task to access data and to edit and modify from anywhere. This also makes it possible for accessing the legal database and e-libraries anywhere.

Implementation of Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology is a perfect way to create contracts and agreements which are foolproof and also easy to access. The smart contracts would be making tremendous changes in the way we are looking at the documents and also would demand a new law in place for the existing ones.

AI Analytics

We already discussed about the data analytics and how it is going to be improved because of the easy access and other technological implementation. But the analytical research is going to improve in a different level when AI is brought into the legal research. Lawyers are able to find legal resources, legal leads, legal updates and news all in one place for their maximum benefit.  

Job Creation

These changes are bringing up a new set of demand for a skill which a normal computer technician or legal search would not be having. There is a growing demand for lawsuit specialised skills in computer and cloud computing.

Content Creation

The next big change that is happening in this industry is the way the content is being produced in the legal industry. Typing has been changed to voice translations. Proofreading has changed from a job to an app. These are some of the major changes that are transforming and changing the industry.

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