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Technology Trends Lawyers Should Take Notice

Technology trends are the ones which change any Industry or any sector upside down. The legal Industry is filled with changes and technological changes have always been able to make a big impact in the way the industry functions. In this article, the major investigation would be to explore how some of these technologies and how they are impacting the legal industry.

Paperless office:

A paperless office is the next big thing that the industry is looking to convert itself into. From typing various drafts on sheets of paper and correcting it further, the current situation is wherein the offices are much concerned about the vast paper usage. To further predict the current trends that is happening right now, it is absolutely clear that the future workplace is not only limited to the legal industry but also to other offices. With the advent of digital signatures and also as it is accepted as a valid form of authority, offices have already started giving up the need of papers slowly, and this is one of the changes which will not only help the office in cost-reduction, but it will also help the whole globe in reducing their carbon footprint.


Blockchain, the word is more prominent among the commons and thanks to cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency even though has been banned in various countries including India as a valid form of money, the technology which empowered Cryptocurrency (blockchain) is now the next big change that is waiting to happen. This is evident in the study being done by the reserve bank of India on implementing on its various facets. This concept will not only make new ways for lawyers to work but also create new types of crimes that need to be addressed both in legislative arrangements as well as judicial pronouncements. The reason for blockchain being so famous is that the blockchain is foolproof and therefore data tampering and evidence destruction cannot happen in blockchain technology. This has created a new arena to be addressed and a whole new concept of smart contracts which has started sweeping our feet already.

Data Mining:

Data mining is a simple analytical tool, which helps solve 90% of the problem a researcher encounters and helps identify a solution. Data mining is a huge welcome as it gives solutions to any research contention. For instance, evidence for a particular type of murder or how companies would be affected by the new legislation etc, are all answered and found easily once the technology is implemented. Data mining deals with data management and data analysis. The data once fed can find various results and probabilities. The court citation after this implementation, will work on the percentage meter rather than any other option. Data mining also helps in saving time and also helps in understanding the trends that are going on in the industry through judicial pronouncement and legislative changes.

Thus, the change as mentioned in various instances of this article is inevitable. It is much advisable for a young lawyer to know about these changes and to further study on these topics to become a domain expert in the legal field.

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