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The Optimized Hearings’ Tab on Libra-The Advocate’s App

Vakilsearch is a legal service provider company based in Chennai and has been regarded as India’s fastest growing licensed tech company dealing in matters related to law and order. The company has come out with a one-stop solution to all legal queries and worries by launching its app named Libra – The Advocate’s App. The app is a revolution in the world of legal services as it helps to provide lawyers one roof to store all details required concerning a case.

The History

Vakilsearch was founded by Hrishikesh Datar, an alumnus of the National Law School Of India University and was set up in 2011 to help lawyers in their day to day life and make life easier for individuals and corporations seeking legal aid. Their services include government registrations, accounting, filings, annual compliances, and documentation and also provides need-based services that vary from one individual to another.

The Present

The app is all set to change the lives of busy attorneys by helping them organise their work and hence increase their efficiency. In this fast-paced world, time really is money and thus any technique or invention that helps people save time is regarded as a worthy investment, and this has been the primary reason for the resounding success of the Libra app which has become quite the success with young and old lawyers alike.

Benefits it Offers

  1. One-stop management application
  2. Hearing notifications available daily
  3. Access to millions of judgments as headnotes and short notes
  4. Makes it easier to manage clients efficiently
  5. Provides legal updates for
  6. Gives regular orders and case details
  7. Automatically syncs with Google calendar

A good lawyer has a hectic work schedule that includes hearings, discussions, meetings and appearances at courts which might be a lot to handle if not dealt with efficiently. Libra helps lawyers compartmentalise their work lives so that they have the time to work each case to the best of their abilities without sacrificing on quality. One of the fresh and innovative features they have added on the app that has received rave reviews from users is the ability to use the functionality of Optimised Hearing.

Law requires a lot of paperwork, and this is why transcribing is an essential part of legal services. While the journey of transcribing started with manual translators, typing machines quickly took over and this new century saw the rise of the computer and the editing tools it contains. The rise in technology has now helped us to make do with our voices what we required our hands to do long back. Voice command settings and hands-free modes help people to fasten the process of note-taking making the entire process much more efficient.

The ability to access different sources with ease has made life easier for all practitioners of law, and several renowned websites now provide details of cases and their verdicts for the general public to learn from and evaluate. Here’s a look at the Hearings tab of Libra that helps you micro-manage your work life.

  • The tab contains all information regarding all ongoing and upcoming hearings and brings everything under one easily accessible roof.
  • The hearing card displays information regarding:
  1. The case title containing the name of the petitioner and respondent
  2. The case number and the court under which the case is being discussed
  3. A causelist name list under whose name the hearing was published
  4. Names of the judges who will be presiding over the case
  5. PDFs containing the daily order and office report
  • The tab also allows you to download and share all the documents regarding the case.
  • A live display board has also been included to provide updated news regarding the courtroom number and item number.
  • Long pressing the hearing card provides you with the option to share details regarding the case through WhatsApp or other such messaging apps and email.
  • The Search Bar on top allows you to search for any ongoing or upcoming cases by mentioning the name of the title or specifying the case number making it easier to navigate through your trials and organise it. You also have the option to search for a case by mentioning the name of the Judge overlooking the case.
  • The tab also helps you to differentiate between ongoing cases, ones that have been moved and are therefore tentative and also gives you a viable date range over which the case will be heard.

All these features make it easier than ever before to organise your work and utilise your time efficiently to prep for hearings that are important. These services are typically beneficial for firms and advocates who are busy around the clock as it makes the integration of information more accessible.


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