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Top Five Things Clients Look for in a Lawyer

‘People may forget what you say, but they will always remember how you made them feel’

In a world abuzz with advertisements, online marketing, digital and print publicity, news reports and recommendations by friends, it may be very hard to say which medium contributes the greatest number of clients, but if there is one thing we can say with certainty- there exist attributes that are looked at favourably by the clients. These are both personal and professional qualities. In the service industry, being desirable assumes all the importance as clients distinguish competing service providers on the basis of experiences. Here is a quick highlight on the top five things clients look for in a lawyer. Read on, to find out if you’ve got them all.

  • Sincerity

It’s all too common to come across lawyers, who would unnecessarily delay paperwork such as filing documents, recording witness statements, submitting additional evidence etc. While a legal professional would be committing a breach of professional ethics but still may never be punished, a more far-reaching consequence is the loss of reputation such an act would ensue in the eye of actual and potential clientele.

  • Responsiveness

As law becomes highly technical, the client base encountered is largely unaware of new notifications, amendments and reading up all by oneself (as we all do, even for medical prescriptions) can confuse the client even more. Some of these may have urgent ramifications on a client’s business while others may be trivial. However, regardless of the scenario, it is important to work on enhancing communication, responsiveness and inculcating an ability in the legal professionals to walk the extra mile to answer all questions posed by the client in a timely manner.

  • Transparency

A trend observed across all segments of the society – whether rich or poor, literate or illiterate, clients are generally unaware of the progress in their case. They may not be updated with regular progress in their case. Lawyers may also shy away from accepting an adjournment due to their absence or failure to produce documents on time. It is extremely important to keep the client in the loop. While there exist several case management applications, Libra is one such technology that keeps clients and lawyers on the same interactive platform (much like a chat thread on WhatsApp) where both clients and lawyers receive routine updates on the progress of the case.

  • Follow-up

Clients prefer lawyers who make them feel important and ensure regular follow-up with them. Since a lawyer’s world is full of heavy paperwork, multiple calls and coordination,  it may be hard to dig information about a particular case. In this context, case management applications assume great importance for the ease, access and efficiency they entail. Libra also makes tracking of matters allotted to a lawyer on their name easier by collating data on listing across various courts, giving lawyer access to cases on their mobile phone, all at one place, making internal coordination and following up with clients easier.

  • Accuracy in Billing

While most law-firms bill their client on the number of hours worked, there is a lack of transparency or any authenticity trail for the client to verify the billed hours with the actual hours. The problem is further intensified when work is shared across different teams, offices and geographical locations. Keeping a handy tool, like Libra could do wonders by accurately mapping the working hours on a project and keeping them tabulated on a seamless platform for both clients and lawyers.

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