Some questions to ask yourself, Lawyer

Are you able to manage your time effectively?
Are you able to give each client the attention they deserve?
Are your clients paying on time?
If the answer to any of these questions is NO, read on.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Have you longed wistfully for a day when you could have a dashboard to organize your entire practice?

Long for it no more. LIBRA's dashboard is the most comprehensive in the industry - and gives you an instant picture of how your practice is doing. With LIBRA's Dashboard, you can:

  • Check cases and appointments coming up
  • See your income and expenses at a glance
  • See the Court Display board real time
  • View recently researched cases and appointments in a jiffy
  • And a lot more! Say good bye to pen and paper to manage your practice!

Track and research for your cases

A client is the heart of your practice. Naturally, LIBRA is centered on the client.

For every client, you can track the work done, the work pending [through To-Dos], the billing and research.
You can also ensure that you communicate with each client on time, giving each client a delightful experience. With LIBRA's Case Portal, you can:

  • See the total list of cases
  • Add notes and do Research on cases
  • Create bills, track expenses and raise invoices
  • Upload documents in a secure document vault
  • Say good bye to unhappy clients!

How are you managing your income?

Watching your bill book consistently is a terrible way to spend your precious time. LIBRA records all your billable time and provides a system for tracking time and invoicing clients. You can also create beautiful, professional invoices giving a clear edge to your practice.

The less time you lose in tracking your time, the more time you have for the things that matter most - Like practicing the law. With LIBRA, you can:

  • Track accounts receivable
  • Keep a tab on your expenses
  • Be aware of your revenues and profitability
  • Ensure that there are enough funds left at the end of the month to run your office and pay your staff
  • Say good bye to poor accounting and loss of revenues!

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