Case Alerts and Legal
Research made easy.

LIBRA helps track causelists, case updates, perform
legal research and helps manage your legal firm.


LIBRA’s User
friendly - Dashboard

The smart dashboard helps to track, schedule tasks and appointments
all in one place.

Have all your hearings, customised casuelist,
courtroom no and item list

Keep an eye on your current item numbers
at ease

Manage and create tasks and set up appointments with clients in one place

Manage all your cases
digitally on LIBRA

With LIBRA’s optimised Case display tab, you can effortlessly see recently updated cases on the top, read
through case history timeline and carry all your case documents in your pocket, wherever you go!

Research on Judgments,
Acts and Laws

Get 1.5 million judgments with headnotes and short notes now on LIBRA-The Advocate’s app. Make your legal
esearch simple and fast like never before.

We have all the AIR citations with
headnotes and short notes on LIBRA.

Full access to all judgments published
from all the major high courts in India
from the year 2000, available on
LIBRA-The Advocate’s app.

Create Invoices &
Get Paid Immediately

Create invoices to clients in your firm to manage and track
expenses in one place


State of the
Art Encryption

All information is secured by a 256-bit SSL certificate. When logged in, data is transmitted using an encrypted connection which shows a lock icon on the top left of your browser. These are the same security standards used by the biggest online banks.

Safe and Secure
Hosting Platform

Rest assured your data is always safe and backed up with geo-redundant servers hosted by Microsoft Azure. With decades of experience, Microsoft provides world-class encryption and enterprise level security.


Data is backed up using Microsoft Azure storage, providing extremely high durability. You never have to worry about backing up your data ever again. Everything is automatically backed up in real-time.

Custom Security

When adding a new user, you can set access permission for each user and limit their access to only certain parts of the software, so they can’t see billing section for example

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